Monday, October 5, 2009

Cupcake Party


For Audrey's 1st birthday, I decided to do a cupcake theme. Cupcakes are fun, kid size and allow you to provide several options. And, not only did we end up doing dessert cupcakes, but most of the entire meal was in cupcake form including meatloaf cupcakes with piped mashed potato, macaroni and cheese cupcakes and pizza cupcakes. The dessert options included roasted banana with honey cinnamon butter cream, vanilla with vanilla butter cream, chocolate with peanut butter frosting and cream cheese filled chocolate cupcakes. With all the different kinds, I was very thankful to have family to help with the frosting and decorating for the party. I've definitely been on a cupcake kick and have since made them for the cake walk at Audrey's Montessori school and have had fun decorating them in different ways. I love all the different cupcake papers you can get too. How did the birthday girl like her cupcake? She thoroughly enjoyed the roasted banana cupcake and didn't hold back one bit.