Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ice Cream with Cherries

During our trip to Columbus, OH with family, we made Jeni's Ice Cream a destination of ours.  We all love ice cream and we knew the kids wouldn't complain about going to get ice cream either!  A friend of mine had recommended checking them out and I had seen them on the Food Network as well, so I knew it had to be good. However, it wasn't just good, it was amazing!  I had this fresh waffle cone with honey pistachio (on the bottom) and my favorite was the goat cheese with roasted red cherries.  I love goat cheese and was skeptical about it being in ice cream, but it had the perfect tangy sweet flavor with juicy fresh roasted cherries. The flavors were fresh and amazing.  Some of us got blackcurrant, plum, lavender wildberry and the more traditional flavors.  I'm so excited to have discovered that a gourmet grocery store where I live carries this ice cream and has my favorite flavor in stock right now.  I must go buy a pint to sit and eat from while I watch a girlie movie this weekend.

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