Monday, August 23, 2010

New Focus

I have reason to want to focus on the things I truly savour about my daily life. As simple and routine as our daily lives can be, we need to reflect on the little things that make it wonderful. It may be something I eat, a beautiful sight, a moment I treasure. But, whatever it is, I want to capture it now so I can reflect on them during those times that may not seem so wonderful. I’ve decided to move my baking blog, now named “Kneading My Dream” to to demonstrate my detailed baking trials. Here I want to share my daily treasures with anyone who is interested and primarily show myself what I have to be thankful for, which is a lot.

I remember receiving the book “1,000 Things to be Happy About” as a gift and loved reviewing through the pages and pages of lovely things. I actually saved aside a document filled with the things from that book that truly made me happy. That’s what I see this blog turning into – a place that I journal the things that make me happy. However, it won’t be something someone else wrote, it will be things I experience, see love and savour every day.

While all my baking posts are moved over to “Kneading My Dream,” I have retained a few of my favorites here. They aren’t necessarily the ones I took the best photos of, the most difficult or the fanciest, but the ones that I enjoyed and that a few people commented on.

I do plan to post something every day. I’ll see how good I can keep up with it, but here it goes…

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