Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yoga on the Patio

Since I had my baby girl, I haven't taken the time to go to the yoga studio where I enjoyed a pre-natal yoga class that allowed me to stretch my growing body and breath deep focused breaths into my body and my baby's.  Instead, I've done yoga at home with a yoga app on my iPhone. In the winter, I would take some time in the morning to do the routine by the fire while it snowed outside. Now, I've been doing it outside, at least on the nice days.  We've had some great refreshing cool mornings lately and it's nice to step outside (still within reach of the monitor frequency) and breath in some deep breaths of fresh air. It wakes me up more than my coffee or tea and I feel like I'm doing something for me. I'm taking just a few minutes to help center myself so I can take care of everything and everyone else all day. Today I did my yoga on the patio downstairs...a place I feel as if I haven't ever spent enough time the past three years I've lived here.  Several deep breaths, nice long stretches, trying to clear my mind and dive into another day.

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